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Although it seems like WoWWiki, WoW Lores is not an immitation of WoWWiki. Our objective is to bring all the information in-game, books and so, about LORE. This is not an encyclopedia of items or quests. It's about telling what is behind every place and every character out or in-game, pertaining to the Universe of Warcraft.

The Source

This project was founded with only one purpose, as the others wiki: knowledge for everyone. So that's my purpose. A long time ago I thought about opening a wiki about something, but since I had no other idea and since I find the WoW Lore amusing, I decided to start this wiki!

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Make this data base grow as strong as the others, this wiki depends on you.

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Credits: Most of the Templates were taken from WoWWiki. Thank you for your generosity!

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